TLK TECHNOLOGY is a consultancy focused on delivering specialized IT solutions to business organizations. At TLK TECHNOLOGY, the success of our customers is important to us, so we

  • Take our time to understand the business requirements of the customer.

  • Consider and inform our customer about any risks or security exposure as a result of their requirements.

  • Put together a solution that would meet the budget requirements of the customer and meet their desired end state.

    TLK TECHNOLOGY is led by Ike Ugochuku, has been awarded Microsoft MVP twice in the past. Ike is also a certified Internal Auditor, certified Security Professional and a creative entrepreneur. His unique combination of business risk awareness and developer skills makes his a much sought after Architect in the IT industry. Founded in 1998, as a subsidiary of TLK ENTERPRISE INC, TLK TECHNOLOGY has delivered IT solutions to customers from around the world.

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