HR Synchronization to AD and other systems

With a fragmented identity in your business, the cost of ownership for each employee will increase and lead to inefficient operations. TLK technology consultants will create a single enterprise identity that is connected to your Human Resource Feed and it can be used in all corporate applications.

Role Based Access for Higher Education Institutes

Educational institutes like Colleges and Universities face the challenge of managing multiple roles and maintaining a single identity in their environment. So Educational institutions desire a system that will allow them to specify

  • Role priority
  • Role Effective date
  • Role End date
  • Attributes affected by Roles

Here is a short  3 minute demo  video of the TLK RBAC tool specifically designed for Educational institutes. 

Managing the lifecycle of Contractor and vendor Accounts

Corporate organizations face the challenge of managing the lifecycle of contractor accounts in their Active Directory. Most contractors are not managed by HR and so their AD accounts are manually created by IT support. The result is that these accounts are not created in a consistent format and there is no effective way to track the lifecycle of the account. So IT organizations desire a system that will allow them to

  • Create Contractor accounts in a consistent format
  • Specify the owner the account
  • Specify the length of the contract
  • Force attestation of the account by managers
  • Log the attestation activity

Here is  a short 3 minute demo  video of the TLK Contractor Management Tool. 

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